Storm Large Nude

Seriously, Storm Large of RockStar SuperNova is the hottest music item to come from Portland since those guys who wrote Louie-Louie. But The Kingsmen never went on live TV and said "Look for nude photos of me on Google", and if the Kingsmen did do that, I'm sure that only Trekkies and Croatians would actually be searching for that, in addition to the lyrics to "Monster Mash".

Anyway, I'm Kyle from Portland's BarFly Magazine and I bought this domain before other people got their grubby hands on it and mostly so I could link to more official photos of Storm instead of retarded pirated photos. But as the Webdaddy pointed out to me, I was linking to retarded pirated photos so I guess I suck at that.


Apparently, some of you fine products of public education think Storm Large is a Lesbian.